Global players in the process industries trusted in the quality of our migration
services and made us leaders in technical migration of drawings.

This is your benefit: We are used to the most challenging drafting rules and have
been doing the most complex drawings on pipe and electrical.
We will grow with every further challenge which is appreciated by our highly motivated team.

Software Development

  • SmartPlant P&ID™ validation

  • Smart Instrumentation™ validation

  • AddOn tools based on Lama™ or WebAPI

  • QA/QC tools looking to your AsBuilt and project data

  • Creating Interfaces to your existing databases or SAP™

  • Workflowtools


SmartPlant P&ID™:

  •    Source: (MicroStation™, AutoCAD™, PDS2D™, SmartSketch™, PDF™, Excel™, Access™)

  •    Automation

  •    Tool based quality checks

  •    structured workflow

  •    over a decade of experience

  •    high complex rule handling

  •    thousands of migrated drawings

Smart Instrumentation™:

  •    Sources: (Excel™, AutoCAD™, PDS2D™, SmartSketch™, PDF™, Excel™, Access™, ePlan™, Comos™)


  • Building your Intergraph SmartPlant™ standard

  • Digital Workplace transition (Citrix™, Thinclient, Cloud)

  • Integrating your Intergraph SmartPlant™ tools

  • Installation & Configuration

  • Administration

  • Customization

  • Training